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MONTENEL is a boutique hotel. The property has 10 uniquely designed suits with incredible interior solutions and cryptic vibes. Every room allows you to relax or work whenever you have the need to. Enjoy your stay in the heart of the city.

So soft and cozy

Blue is the color of wisdom, greatness, and infinity. This suit will let you sense peace and harmony as well as give you a burst of new vitality in order for you to put your thoughts on the right track making your stay cozy and unforgettable.

Everything and even more

In today’s fast-paced world this incredible wooden graphite shade suit that combines the mixture of the Scandinavian style with appealing city vibe is perfect to draw energy and inspiration from.

The Scandinavian style is one of the most popular ones nowadays which you can see all over the world.The growing world tendency that calls for spaces to be eco-friendly, clean, with natural shapes, light and airy caused a great stir over the Scandinavian style.

Created with love

The vibe itself encourages you to heart-to-heart talks, deep desires, and the freedom of feelings. All your happiest memories will come back to you as there is love in every single piece here.

Taking developing styles apart into detail seems to not make any sense. It is much more important to fathom their essence, as they keep evolving, and each interior designer can contribute to the establishment of the style.

Ocean vibes

Dive into the blue infinity and experience the pleasure brought to you by staying in this well furnished suit so you can actually feel on top of the world.

Stylish and smart

Cast your mind far away behind the horizon enjoying freshness and the surrounding environment. Inhale the divine cold breeze and feel your thoughts becoming light. You are safe, calm, and relaxed.

White wall color is what unites all pieces of the interior design into one complete thing reflecting sun rays over and over again and filling the space with light.

Caring for you

For those who love to experience the spirit of adventures and allow themselves to hide from prying eyes in the modern fast-paced world in order to feel the inspiration and go back on track. And afterwards be all set for new adventures!

The Scandinavian style with its color scheme and textures unites all things into a single idea.

Peaceful style for relaxation

Our lives are full of remarkable events and a new experience of staying here is one of them. In this suit everyone can reach the state they need for a proper rest and peace.

The Scandinavian style is very popular all over the world, as it is very human-like. Its primary goal is to serve people, instead of reputation or status.

The place to relax at

There's room for snap decisions in our modern lives. All of a sudden, we reveal new facets of our personalities just like an oasis in a desert, we make discoveries. Once we have a break, it’s like we’re reborn.

Open wood texture and white walls are a match made in heaven.

Enjoy traveling

A getaway is a luxury. It is your precious time you can spend on yourself and your wishes. It does not matter what you spend your time like, what matters is that this time is your gift to yourself.

Staying in this suit is like an invitation to a careless, light, and natural world. Get closer to your own self.